The "Women of Fire" project, born in 2023, emerges as a poignant reflection of Claudia Revidat's journey, capturing the spirit of the Mursi women of Ethiopia—a tribe uniting delicate beauty with fierce determination. Their shared story resonates deeply within the artist. Like a blazing fire, their spirit illuminates shared struggles and triumphs, creating an emotional synergy. Through her lens, Claudia intentionally captures this unique fusion of vulnerability and resilience, a visual dialogue of her own experiences intertwined with those of these women, marked by both visible and invisible scars.

Women of Fire, Photo Vogue Festival, Milan 2023

 Women of Fire, OD Prize Selected by Alessia Glaviano, London 2023

Through these images, Claudia captures the femininity and strength that guide these women, while emphasizing their intimate connection to the interconnected issues of their community and our time. These encounters leave scars not only on their bodies but also on their collective consciousness, as this poignant reality exacerbates the challenges posed by climate change and social disparities. 



Unknown Pleasure_ Solo and Collective exhibitions took place between 2016 and 2018.

The exhibition was called, Unknown Pleasure. This project was based on erotic film footage. It deals with my childhood perceptions of such films, my interpretation of the human form, and my confusion about the expression of love.  I evoked this subject in a poetic way, and I used several mediums that referred to my childhood, such as a camcorder, a video recorder, and cathode ray televisions, as well as various objects that triggered memories of the visual and auditory violence that I was exposed to at a young age. This project was the first starting point of a form of catharsis. 

« Unknown Pleasure 4, 3 & 1 », 2016, 27 x 18 cm, 35 x 23 cm, 46 x 70 cm.

Works presented by Robin Buchholz at Morceaux Choisis, a multi-curated group show. « Les œuvres photographiques de Claudia Revidat offrent une interprétation nouvelle de la métaphore photographique de révélation. En effet, les imperfections de l’imagerie, que l’artiste a provoqué par son dispositif télévisé et photographique, entrent certes en dissonance avec l’apparence des images mentales synthétisées dans notre conscience, mais elles révèlent certainement les impressions visuelles brutes telles que le nerf optique en fait la transduction. Étrangement, ce réalisme naturaliste semble aliéner le réel en ne le présentant non pas selon les règles culturelles de la vision mentale, mais selon l’intuition d’une perception corporelle, d’une esthétique du sens brut. Le travail de Claudia Revidat introduit à mon sens un élément pertinent dans la conversation sur le réalisme spéculatif, en révélant le constructivisme de notre perception et l’anthropomorphisme de notre accès au monde certes cognitif et conceptuel, mais d’abord corporel et charnel. » Robin Buchholz, 2018 Bubemberg Art.

"Unknown Pleasure is all about sincerity. The goal was to show the true nature of the human body by focusing on deeper details. The special treatment given to the imagery gives an interesting poetic soul to the human body" Claudia Revidat interviewed by Joel Mojica for Rain Magazine